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Cardano, Monero, OKB, NixMoney, and official representatives

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Cardano, Monero, OKB, NixMoney, and official representatives

Bit Activity
379 days online
200.00 deposit
75%% return
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We have enabled the NixMoney payment system, Cardano and Monero cryptocurrencies, and the OKB token. The minimum deposit amount with new coins is 100 ADA, 0.1 XMR (manual activation within 8 hours), and 2 OKB. Withdrawals are available from 50 ADA (manual withdrawal) and 0.05 XMR (manual withdrawal), and via NixMoney it will be from just 10 cents. The current minimum for OKB ETH-token can be found in the "Withdrawal limits" section of the withdrawal page.

Additionally, we have included the status of the Representative in the affiliate program: now, best BitActivity’s partners, which has attracted more than $5.000 of investments from 1st level referrals, can become the official Representatives of the platform in their regions and can increase the bonus to 7%-2%-1%!

Become an official Representative of BitActivity by filling in the online form on the page "Our Representatives": https://bitactivity.biz/representatives/#rform