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Markets update

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Markets update

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Hello our dear investors and partners!

Here’s a quick market update on BTC: USD.Since the halving event BTC had bounced between 10000-9000 range for basically two months now. Logically, where we see long periods of consolidation in a range like this, it usually means that a breakout in either direction is coming.We had a similar scenario like this in 2016, after the halving event BTC consolidated in a range between 700-600 for a few weeks before a dump to the 500 took place, this was due to miners selling their holdings in order to maintain their operation. So, does history repeat itself?
Well, there’s some data indicating that this might not be the case this time, we can see this from BTC mining data from ByteTree. They have a measure called MRI (Miners Rolling Inventory), which measures the change of BTC inventory levels held by the miners, looking at the value over the past 5-12 weeks MRI is just above 101.23% which means there's a very slight dump from the miner.Besides the fundamental mining data there is a rumor going around from multiple sources that PayPal and Venmo would be offering BTC buying and selling to their customers, and this might be the reason behind todays sharp reversal from the 9000 level back above 9300.

We wish you all the best and success!

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Cardano, Monero, OKB, NixMoney, and official representatives Cardano, Monero, OKB, NixMoney, and official representatives

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