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Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold, Neo, Maker and PIN code for payments

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Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold, Neo, Maker and PIN code for payments

Bit Activity
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We continue to surprise!

We continue to expand the list of cryptocurrency payment methods and now we accept even more coins: Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold, Neo, and Maker token have been added to the platform.
Investments with new cryptocurrencies are available from 0.05 BSV, 1 BTG, 0.5 NEO, and 0.02 MKR. The minimum withdrawal amount to your wallet is 0.03 BSV, 0.5 BTG, and 0.25 NEO; the current minimum for ETH token Maker is specified in the "Withdrawal limits" section. Please note that the withdrawal of Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold and Neo is performed manually.

Additionally, we have added a PIN code for payments to your dashboard to confirm withdrawal requests. We strongly recommend setting this PIN code to protect your assets from hackers if you refused to use a more secure authorization via Google Authenticator for some reason.

Please don’t forget that using a unique password to log in to your BitActivity account significantly increases the protection of your dashboard from hacking. You can change it on the Settings page.

For more information visit www.bitactivity.biz