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Last updated 2020-11-05

Russian language for Bitactivity dashboard available for russian users

The list of site language versions was updated: today we added Russian to support the fast-growing segment of Russian-speaking BitActivity users from Russia and Eastern Europe. Now, Russian-speaking investors can surf the platform more freely without undergoing difficulties with translation.

To switch to the Russian version, just select it by op...

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Cardano, Monero, OKB, NixMoney, and official representatives

We have enabled the NixMoney payment system, Cardano and Monero cryptocurrencies, and the OKB token. The minimum deposit amount with new coins is 100 ADA, 0.1 XMR (manual activation within 8 hours), and 2 OKB. Withdrawals are available from 50 ADA (manual withdrawal) and 0.05 XMR (manual withdrawal), and via NixMoney it will be from just 10 cents....

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Arabic language and system performance

We continue to confirm our multinational status โ€” now BitActivity is fully available in Arabic! To switch to the Arabic version, select the language by opening the list in the top menu of the page.

Additionally, we have improved and optimized the internal code of the platform, as well as reach higher capacities due to the growing interest from i...

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Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold, Neo, Maker and PIN code for payments

We continue to expand the list of cryptocurrency payment methods and now we accept even more coins: Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold, Neo, and Maker token have been added to the platform.
Investments with new cryptocurrencies are available from 0.05 BSV, 1 BTG, 0.5 NEO, and 0.02 MKR. The minimum withdrawal amount to your wallet is 0.03 BSV, 0.5 BTG, and ...

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Zion Finance LTD has been updated to version 1.6

Zion Finance LTD has been updated to version 1.6.๐Ÿš€

The Zion Finance team continues working on improvement of our platform. Some additions have been made that you will like.

Version 1.6 has the following major changes:
โœ… We created a video presentation of Zion Finance. The presentation is now available in all the main languages of the site. Y...

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