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Last updated 2020-10-16

Markets update

Hello our dear investors and partners!

Here’s a quick market update on BTC: USD.Since the halving event BTC had bounced between 10000-9000 range for basically two months now. Logically, where we see long periods of consolidation in a range like this, it usually means that a breakout in either direction is coming.We had a similar scenario like th...

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 Huobi Token, yearn.finance, Crypto.com Coin, and Uniswap

Now there are four more cryptocurrencies available for payments on BitActivity: we added Huobi Token, yearn.finance, Crypto.com Coin, and Uniswap.

Clients of the platform can invest using new coins starting from 2 HT, 0.0005 YFI, 50 CRO, and 2 UNI. The minimum withdrawal amount for these tokens will change in real time, so the current minimum is...

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Arabic language and system performance Arabic language and system performance

We continue to confirm our multinational status — now BitActivity is fully available in Arabic! To switch to the Arabic version, select the language by opening the list in the top menu of the page.

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