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Funds Broker

Last update 2020-10-20

PAYING https://funds-broker.com 358 days online 200.00 active deposit 10% total return
Funds Broker
  • Investment plan 1:

    2.1% weekly for 798 days

  • Investment plan 2:

    1600% after 60 days

  • Investment plan 3:

    11% dailyfor 30 days

  • Withdrawal type:


  • Work days:


  • Minimum investment:


  • Maximum investment:

    No maximum

  • Support Email:


The Funds Broker Company was founded to perform brokerage services and a number of profitable and promising areas, such as investing in Forex market trading, cryptocurrency and trading on the stock market. Strong, highly efficient, talented and close-knit team, with a wealth of experience in finance and investment, making Funds Broker a perfect and unique money-making machine!

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Funds Broker has been added to HYIPmonitor.com on 2020-10-02 and has been monitored for 358 days. Since then we have received 10% total return.
Funds Broker has 1.00 stars total review rating from total of 0 user reviews. Funds Broker receives approx. 0.00 reviews per day. Total positive reviews 0, Total negative reviews 0.
Funds Broker has 1 total vote rating from total of 1 user votes. Funds Broker receives approx. 0.00 votes per day. Total positive votes 1, Total negative votes 0.
Funds Broker has 0 total message board posts. Funds Broker receives approx. 0.00 posts per day.
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Funds Broker
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$4.20 Payment received - 5th payout

2020-11-08 37 days online 200 USD deposit 10% total return

$4.20 Payment received - 4th payout

2020-10-31 29 days online 200 USD deposit 8% total return

$4.20 Payment received - 3rd payout

2020-10-24 22 days online 200 USD deposit 6% total return

$4.20 Payment received - 2nd payout

2020-10-17 15 days online 200 USD deposit 4% total return

$4.20 Payment received - 1st payout

2020-10-09 7 days online 200 USD deposit 2% total return
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